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27 October 2013 @ 04:09 pm
HEY! XD you know after watching the performance over and over and over again i had to make some XD i couldnt help it lol besides it was too much Nino´s butt and too much shiny pants Jun so yeah... LOL but just so you know watching it in slow motion is not that sexy XD
Anyways here are some and i made specially for Nino´s butt cause come one he has an adorable squishy butt and he knows it lol
...oh and the last three icons... are just.. my treat LOL epic Ohno face ALL THE TIME

 photo 025_zps4bb01bcc.png  photo 010_zpsfb21da6a.png  photo 011_zpsbb7557d3.png

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20 October 2013 @ 02:59 pm
HEY! soo long since i posted something here and specially icons XD my screen´s laptop doesnt work so im trying to fix it so meanwhile i use my tv as screen XD and you´d think wow it´s awesome! but no! its tough to stare at it LOL and then to make icons is even tougher DX my neck actually hurts after staring to long LOL
I tried this time like this and im not THAT happy with the result D: in the pv they move too much and omg it was so hard to take screenies XD so i didnt make much of it just some that i really liked. The booklet i just choose the images i liked and played with them but still i tried to make it simple :3
AND my friend leana9101 told me to make some so yay XD thank you
I hope you like

 photo 035_zpsc1446a01.png  photo 005_zpsc6524e2e.png  photo 011_zps3485da3c.png

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18 June 2013 @ 06:45 pm
Hi! Welcome to my journal!
Some of you might know me because of my icons, some of you are twitter friends, and some of you have no idea who i am LOL
Well this time I´m posting this, not icons related post, and more of a "I´m selling this" post. (don´t mind my silly introduction)
Anyways~ I started this out of necessity (personal problems that I might rant about on twitter or on some post here).
The things I made till now were for twitter friends because it was just a thought I had there like "hey guys, would you buy this?" and I got lots of yeses (dunno if that´s a word lol). So now after having so many great responses I decided to post it here!


This crafts like always are made by fans for fans <3 (and by fans i mean my mom and me with my dad´s approval).

 photo myjournalimages2_zpsbf29429c.jpg
 photo myjournalimages1_zpsc92cbb2e.jpg
 photo myjournalimages1b_zps04cc41bf.jpg
 photo myjournalimages2b_zps5ab9a83b.jpg
 photo myjournalimages3_zps82f02577.jpg
*here you can see the ones I already finished and shipped

I know I just have Arashi plushies, but you can really ask for any other, JE or not (like anime, j-rock, j-pop or any other character you want)


- There are three different prices:
1 plushie $28 US dollars + shipping
2 plushies $26 US dollars (each one) + shipping
3 plushies $24 US dollars (each one) + shipping
5 or more ask for the special discount

- All payments should be in US dollars
- This prices already include PayPal fees and any other extra charge (not the shipping)
- The shipping cost will be on you and there´s only two types:
fast: takes 7-10 days
slow: takes 22-25 days
(prices depend on the country)
- I will be asking for the payment beforehand
- I wil not start the plush until i receive the payment
- All items will be packed in bags and boxes. I am not responsible for any damaged or lost after items are shipped out

Now, if you agree with all of the above, then here is how this works:

- Choose how many you want and what you want.
- Send me an e-mail to queenmatsujun@hotmail.com with your order and photos, with good quality please~ (the more the better cause I really don´t want to make any mistakes). In this mail you´ll have to add your name and your address.
- Please specify each character you want, because i might not be familiar with them (group, band, name, etc).
- Once i receive the e-mail I´ll confirm the order.
- When i get the payment I´ll start the plushies.
- I´ll keep you updated once in a while so dont worry =)
- Once it´s finished I´ll send you an e-mail with the photo of your package.

*If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here*

you can also follow me on twitter, instagram or tumblr with the name: queenmatsujun for updates

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13 June 2013 @ 11:37 pm

In days like today I feel frustrated. Don't ask me why, I don't even know myself (maybe my period is coming lol) I can't see the end of this situation I'm in. It's like a cage that's just getting smaller and smaller and I feel like one day it's just gona suffocate me.
I hate feeling sorry for myself, I hate to have this selfish thoughts, and I hate even more than even when I'm trying my best I don't see good results.
Frustration is all I have in my mind right now and it's not easy to just let it pass. It eats you up, and then depression comes and I don't want to go to that path again.
In days like today I don't see myself doing and achieving what I want, what I love.... all I see is a sky full of clouds ready to rain up on me once I step outside.

09 June 2013 @ 02:59 pm
I wanted to write something here for a while, but i was just too busy or too stressed.
A month ago (or so) my dad started having problems with his leg (some of you might know that a year ago he had surgery and lost almost 1m of intestine cause he had like a stroke there) so yeah, he almost dies, that kind of surgery is like 1 out of 100 come out alive. Im still grateful for the doctors and even if we now are drowning on debts, i dont regret anything, he is alive. But anyways... leaving that behind, a month ago he started with some pain on his leg, like i said, and we thought it was just something normal, right? still after what hapenned we didnt want to leave anything just in the air. Yes im jobless now and no one, and i say NOT ONE SOUL HERE, would give me a job. So what do you do when you have no incomes? well... you know... i had to get rid of lots of stuff, and i really didnt mind, of course you might think about it but when it comes to health and specially my family´s health i would give my life. So yeah i sold stuff and gave to my dad so he could go to the doctor (i live with my parents btw XD) He went and the doctor said he had an artery blocked, that its exactly what happenned to his intestines but this one is kinda just starting. He said is common and by the way he looked at him, my dad was really ok, nothing to worry. Worst case scenario he might need surgery, but first we needed to see if with normal meds and exercise this changes. He also went to see the specialist and she was very positive.
So yeah im happy for that, but well.. meds cost and he had to get some injections really expensive ones, so there goes more sutff.
I rant about this a lot on twitter lately, and im thankful for my friends there cause they helped. I really didnt want to bother mom or my sister with all my stress and depression crap cause well we have enough, and we have to be strong and we have to keep moving forward. My girls over there helped me and im really thankful for them.
Right now it has calmed down a little. He still need more months to see if its actually working, but its ok, this takes time. And meanwhile im trying to get money from everywhere! We as family well you have to help with everything right? we had to change even more or way of eating, we already ate organic stuff but now it has to be even more strict. We started eating chia seeds, which it has omega3, and it might actually help me with my thyroid problem, so it helps everyone XD
More natural stuff, no meat, more fruits, more vegetables, organic oils... all of that. So as always you have to see the positive, this might actually help all of us to have a better life, right?.
Actually because of this i started to meditate, and be more in contact with my spiritual guides and in consequence i learn how to clean my house of bad energies. It helped, but i think i need to do it again D: this house was alone for like 4 years, and all the ppl that lived here just left with debts and deaths. This house already took my grandpa, my cat and almost my grandma and dad. We´re always sick and money doesnt last, so maybe we´re carring with all the past energies and its not helping at all. We even tried to move but its like the house wont let us, theres always something happening that stops us.
This might sound crazy for some, but nor for me, i´ve learn so many stuff lately, and it helped with my stress and depression. Just to be in contact with yourself and be spiritual, believing in the power of the universe and in your own power is very important now for me, you´re the only one that can change your life, dont leave it in someone elses hands... you have the power to change it. So thats what i did, and thats what im learning.
Sorry if im just rambling, i just wanted to share this and to actually let it out. Im not as stressed as i was a week ago, i actually let it all out on a friend i have on twitter XD and she´s amazing, she might not see this LOL but she helped me alot!
So anyways... thats all~

Hope you guys had a good weekend and wait for my next post! cause its a great post XD
thanks for reading! <3
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27 May 2013 @ 08:33 pm
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14 May 2013 @ 08:28 pm
HERE THEY ARE! finally

 photo 020_zps162db00d.png  photo 004_zpsd1e9f2ff.png  photo 003_zpse60f791a.png

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03 May 2013 @ 10:23 pm
Hello! like i said on the other post i made icons from the solos :D right now i just have Aiba and Sho, ill have the others next week :3 Hope you like!!

 photo 018_zps586c5ec8.png  photo 010_zps1f93c313.png  photo 018_zps2ebbdff9.png

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25 April 2013 @ 07:22 pm
I just made some icons from the booklet, i hope you like. Im making some of the solos from the con, just the solos cause i really havent seen the entire concert so... yeah lol

 photo 006_zpsc0852243.png  photo 027_zpsd43c5cb8.png  photo 015_zps74b793b0.png

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02 March 2013 @ 08:47 pm
After last night flailing all over twitter i made this lol i hope you like

> photo calling002_zpse933bb4a.png  photo calling033_zps65c8bfdf.png  photo breathless013_zpsb5cb8a77.png

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